The first False Doctrine/ Doctrine of Devils, we will be inspecting is called,”The Trinity”. This word is found no where in Gods Word, yet it is the stronghold of many mega ministries in the world today. The danger of this doctrine, is that it teaches that Jesus is not fully God! Let us pay close attention, as Apostle Rod Maxwell speaks on this issue in this video link titled,”There Is No Trinity”. 
This  doctrine of devils teaches that once a man is saved, he is free to sin as he pleases because he can never fall away from Grace. Listen closely as the Lord uses Apostle Brown to put this wicked doctrine up under the light of God's word. This video link is titled: ”Once saved always saved is a lie!”.  Enjoy...God bless.
This doctrine of the devil coincides with the Once Saved Always Saved doctrine. It teaches believers that they cannot be perfect. By teaching this doctrine ,they are saying that  the Spirit of God is not capable of perfecting you. This teaching is contrary to the word of God and it  leaves a believer  remaining in sin.  As a result of this, a person will not STRIVE to walk as Jesus walked.Let us listen to Apostle Brown as he teaches about Being Perfect..Enjoy
When God joined Adam and Eve,He instituted a marriage that would last forever and NEVER consented for them to be divorced.This is not His Will for the children of God.His Will is that the beliver's Marriage reflect's the Marriage between Jesus Christ and the Church..That means that the Fruit of Love,Forgiveness,and Sacrificing for each other is displayed in the Marriage.Lets listen in as Apostle Maxwell brings forth the TRUTH concerning divorce in God's word..
There is a ministry that has been ordained by God to EMPOWER the children of God. When it's operating according to God's word, we can see the fullness of the power of the church...Yet, when it's operating according to man's precepts and understanding, it becomes a house that is dysfunctional. Let us join in with Apostle Maxwell as he talks about the Roles of the women in the church..
Just like in the days when the Apostle Paul was contending against the Jews concerning the keeping of the Law. We now at this present time contend with this same issue that the church had faced back then. Many Christians today are confused about which is right. We are either under Grace or the Law. We can not be under them both. We can not put New wine in Old wineskin. Let us listen in as Apostle Maxwell explains the difference between the law and grace..