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Welcome to Seedtime and Harvest's Ministries

We are so thankful for you taking the time to visit our page on this beautiful day that the Lord has made. Our Lord JESUS Christ does not operate with coincidence, so therefore, your visit to our website was led by the Power of God, which makes it an ordained appointment that has a purpose for your life. Is there a hunger for a relationship with God burning inside of your heart, or is there a dry spot in your walk of faith and you need an increase of God's Word?  Well join us in fellowship, prayer, and any other available services that God has blessed us to offer his children. We are a Christian Outreach ministry that not only plants the Word of God into your life, but we desire to water and watch your souls reach the harvest that God has prepared for you.  
We look forward to hearing from you, and may JESUS Christ bless you abundantly! 

Seedtime & Harvest Ministries